Editing and Coaching with Carolina De Robertis

I’m pleased to announce that I am currently available to offer coaching and editing services to writers of all levels.

You’ve just finished drafting a novel. You’re starting to dip your toe into memoir. You’re gathering your strength to pitch agents, self-publish, or apply to an MFA. Perhaps your MFA is years behind you and you long to finally burnish the book, you know, the one you never stopped thinking about. Or, perhaps, you’ve long dreamed of writing something, and seek support in pushing through whatever has kept you back.

Wherever you are in your writing journey, I can help you grow your work, discover your voice, or polish your manuscript until it gleams.

As an editor, I provide a close read of all work, combining sentence-level feedback with in-depth big picture insights that address issues such as pacing, dialogue, character development, plot, narrative tension, and point of view. I’ll help you identify places where the work sags, where it sings, and what would catapult it to the next level. Throughout the process, I combine my literary acumen with a deep commitment to supporting the text within the context of each writer’s unique vision.

As a writing coach, I can offer support, tips, and practical tools tailored to your needs–whether that’s launching a project, getting one polished, or creating a writing life that is both fruitful and fulfilling.

In addition to my own experience as an author of three books, I draw on my experience working with private clients over the years, as well as teaching at the MFA programs at the University of San Francisco, the Stonecoast MFA at the University of Southern Maine, and the California Insititute of Integral Studies. I have also taught creative writing workshops on three continents, in connection with international book tours.

Here are testimonials from former and current clients:

“Carolina De Robertis is a peerless editor with x-ray vision. Universally her critiques are compelling, razor-sharp and compassionate while designed explicitly to support what the manuscript hopes to achieve. Jump at the chance to work with Carolina, a masterful communicator, and a writer of such immense talent, breathtaking passion and boundless grace. I am thrilled that I did.”            —J.G.

“[Carolina] is that rare writer whose spirit is as big and generous as her writing. I found myself agreeing with all of her edits–both global and grammatical, and still cannot believe how seamlessly she accessed the many layers of the world I am trying to create in my writing. Her rates are incredibly reasonable, and I have grown as a writer from reading her very thoughtful feedback. And she really sticks to those deadlines! I will definitely be using her again.”    S. R.

“Carolina is an exquisite reader. She gave me insights into the text and story that were invaluable in taking my manuscript to the next level. She was also impeccably warm and professional in our interactions, a terrific coach and guide through the wilds of writing a book. I am lucky to have found her.”    —D.H.

“I love working with Carolina. She’s sweet, encouraging, smart, and always providing more details to inspire. I got to a place where I thought I’d lost my magic, but setting realistic deadlines and weekly/monthly writing goals has give me a sincere push towards my dream of publishing my complete collection of poems. And Carolina makes it feel easy, natural, and obtainable. The hardest part is accepting her genuine kindness and respect for my work and time.”     A. H.

I have a limited number of slots available at any given time. If you are interested, please send an email to carolinaderobertis@gmail.com, and we can go from there.

Above all, if you are writing, I wish you all the best with it. Don’t stop! And may your words thrive.

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