Oprah Magazine + the Norwegian Foreign Ministry

What do these two fine institutions – O Magazine and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry – have in common? For one thing, they’ve both just covered my novel Perla and the overall issue of Argentina’s disappeared.

The April issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, now on newsstands, features an eloquent and generous review of Perla, calling it “mesmerizing…a moving, poetic novel about the costs of revolution and the evolutionary process that is identity.” This is the first official non-advance review for Perla, which launches here in the U.S. on March 27. (Read the full review here.)

Meanwhile, during my beautiful trip to Norway this month for the world premiere of Perla, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry created a video interview with me (with the talented journalist  journalist Carina Wint), a sensitive exploration of the disappearances of Argentina and their aftermath, and an effective primer for anyone seeking an introduction to the issue:

Meanwhile, my April book tour is just inches away from being fully set and confirmed. I’ll continue to put up details as they become solid (see here for what I have so far). I’ll be in San Diego, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Corte Madera, Oakland, and Berkeley, reading from and talking about Perla. And six months pregnant by then. Have baby belly, will travel.

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